Triola Instruction Manual and Roll List
courtesy Ron Perry (020706 MMDigest)

There has been some interest in the Triola roll-playing zither in the past.  I have come across some photocopies of the instruction manual and a roll list.  (Looks like copied many times.)  Unfortunately I have no information as to the source or date of either document.  I have included the scanned images for Robbie to put in the archives.

Ron Perry
1 Jul 2002 23:41:04 -0700

triolaInstr1.jpg (45 kb)
triolaInstr2.jpg (62 kb)

triolaList1.jpg (129 kb)
triolaList2.jpg (123 kb)
triolaList3.jpg (128 kb)
triolaList4.jpg (146 kb)

9 July 2002