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[ from MMDigest 990415 ]

Hi All,  Thought many of you would enjoy seeing the enclosed picture, drawn by the 4-year-old daughter of a local customer.

I had just started testing the player unit when the young girl ran into her bedroom.  I thought she might have been frightened by the 'ghost' playing the piano.  Five minutes later, she returned and handled me the picture.  What caught my attention was:

1) There's nobody sitting at the piano and yet music is coming out of it.

2) The sun is included in the picture even though it was a cloudy day.  To me, that indicates a true sense of happiness.

3) Not knowing my first name (parents call me Mr. Tuttle), the child marked it 'To You'.  That's so cute!

When I was given the picture, I got kind of choked up.  By far, it's the cutest, sweetest thing any child (outside my own family) has ever made for me.  It will hang in my office for many years to come.  Might even frame it!

Blessings come in many forms,

John A. Tuttle


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