Rebuilding Duo-Art Steamboat Pump
by John A. Tuttle (000927 MMDigest)

I recently replace the 'leather' on the followers of a Duo-Art steamboat pump.  I used thick Cabretta leather.  The real 'trick' to getting the leather to stay on the follower was to cut it at an odd angle.  It's too difficult to explain in words so I created a small diagram (see attached image file).

To prevent the tapered edges from lifting, I used a tiny tack (1/8" in length) and knocked it in far enough that it was below the level of the leather.  It did not 'tick'.  (Naturally, the leather was glued to the follower with hot hide glue, shiny side out.)

Then I coated the leather with dry graphite.  The end result was very quiet.


John A. Tuttle

Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 18:48:07 -0400


27 September 2000