Organ Pipe Repairs
by Vicki Webb

I had a customer bring in several crates containing a Wurlitzer Concert Flute.  He wanted to know if they could be restored.  On looking, I found several of them to be chewed up in the throats.  He explained that the crates were left open while the organ was stored.  Rats ate them!  If you go to the trouble to crate pipes, keep them closed or get a good cat!  We have a lot of cats on staff here.

I would normally have replaced the face board on these pipes, but these say "Wurlitzer" on them.  The owner wanted to rebuild only the damaged throats to the original specifications.  As the ramps are almost a knife edge, I opted to make inlays from red oak.  These were machined on a Bridgeport milling machine.  The pipes were also cut out with the mill to insure all would fit nicely.  Both pipes are playing once again.

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Mon, 22 Nov 1999 17:56:51 -0800