J. B. Roth's Piano Rolls as MIDI Files
piano rolls transcribed to MIDI files by Paul Manganaro,
edited and interpreted by J. B. Roth
courtesy J. B. Roth

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Aeolian & Universal

Ideal8903_OverThere.jpg (11 kb) Ideal 8903, "Over There", by Geo. M. Cohen.
Ideal8903_OverThere.mid (40 kb)

Ideal0511_Fate.jpg (16 kb) Ideal 0511, "Fate (It Was Fate When I First Met You)", by Byron Gay (1922), from the stage revue "Greenwich Village Follies".  A lovely and haunting tune that was recorded by Paul Whiteman and others.  This piano roll performance features organ-like sounds with a raggy piano obbligato and seems an ungainly attempt at jazz.  Unfortunately, the artist's name on the box label is obscured.
Ideal0511_Fate.mid (28 kb)

Hit340_Kiss_Me_Again.jpg (18 kb) Hit H-340, "Kiss Me Again", organ arragement; (C) 1915 by Victor Herbert.  The original setting of "Kiss Me Again" was the final waltz section of a parody called "If I Were On the Stage" in Herbert's 1905 musical, "Mlle. Modiste".  The audience so loved it that Herbert penned new lyrics for subsequent performances.
Hit340_Kiss_Me_Again.mid (59 kb)

higel0624_Blaze_Away.jpg (17 kb)Higel 0624  "Blaze Away - March and Two Step", by Abe Holtzmann.
higel0624_Blaze_Away.mid (47 kb)

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