Cremona Roll M-725 Artists
by Bob Billings (070728 MMDigest)

David Ramey is offering copies of M-725 for sale.  It's a very nice blues roll, hand-played, and one every M-machine owner should consider owning.  Can anyone identify the artist(s)?

I stripped off everything but the notes in the attached files and just for fun I added A-roll instrumentation to the first two tunes.  The titles are below.

Bob Billings
28 Jul 2007 20:25:56 -0700

M725-01a.mid  Down Around the 'Sip 'Sip 'Sippy Shore (Walter Donaldson, 1921)
M725-02a.mid  Blue Gummed Blues (W.C. Handy, 1926)
M725-03.mid   The Dirty Dig
M725-04.mid   Mama's Gone, Good Bye (Peter Bocage & A.J. Piron, 1924)
M725-05.mid   Sweet Wimmin' (Johnny Martin as "Jimmy Mattox")
M725-06.mid   Banjo Blues (Spencer Williams, 1928?)
M725-07.mid   Keep Off the Grass (James P. Johnson, ca. 1921)
M725-08.mid   Scalin' the Blues (Carol Bush Ries)
M725-09.mid   Buffalo Rhythm (Harold Arlen, Ivan Beaty & Marvin Smolev, 1927)
M725-10.mid   Whoop It Up (Mike Jackson, 1929, Cl. Williams Music Publ. Co.)