Wurlitzer 180 Tune Arranged for 165 Scale
by Matthew Caulfield (070108 MMDigest)

A few years ago someone on MMD was admiring the Wurlitzer 180 band organ arrangement of "T'aint No Sin To Take Off Your Skin And Dance Around In Your Bones" (by Walter Donaldson, 1929).   I sent my 180 [audio] recording of the tune to virtuoso arranger Rich Olsen in San Diego, and in one hour he made a 165 arrangement of it -- all done without sheet music!  Then another hour or so was used in adding registration and percussion.

Rich observes, "Careful listening will reveal that each section [of the 180 arrangement] is an exact duplicate note-wise of the like section before it.  Only the drums, bells, and any register changes differentiate the parts.  This indicates that [arranger John W.] Tussing marked out only the relevant sections, and indicated what to repeat, and how."

I am sending Rich's completed 165 arrangement to Robbie to add to the MMD Sounds Gallery, if he will be so kind.   People need to hear this arranger's talent!

Matthew Caulfield
Irondequoit, New York
8 Jan 2007 10:57:08 -0500

TaintNoSin165.mp3 (2344 kb)

8 January 2007