Ragtime Piano Roll MIDI Files
courtesy Benjamin Intartaglia (030731 MMDigest)

Dear MMDers,  I'm very happy to share with you these MIDI scanned from my own piano rolls.

I'd like to thank Spencer Chase http://www.spencerserolls.com for his kind help.  He's doing a very good work transcribing and preserving old paper piano rolls into computer formats.

In zip file BenjaminsPianoRolls.zip  you'll find:

* Ragtime Oriole/James Scott 1911/Played by William Arlington (06/1916)/Connorized 10311

* Ole Miss - The New Cannon Ball Rag/William Christopher Handy 1913/Played by Scott Joplin (06/1916)/Connorized 10304

* Magnetic Rag/Scott Joplin 1914/Played by the Composer (04/1916)/Connorized 10666

* Maple Leaf Rag/Scott Joplin 1899/Played by the Composer (04/1916)/Connorized 10265

* Hot Lips - Fox Trot/Henry Busse, Henry Lange & Benny Davis 1921/International 2200

May this very little contribution give the idea to other player piano fans to preserve their materials into MIDI format.

Benjamin Intartaglia
31 Jul 2003 19:36:31 +0200

BenjaminsPianoRolls.zip (56 kb)

31 July 2003