Unknown A-roll Songs
courtesy Mark Forer and Lee Roan (990524 MMDigest)

Mark Forer visited me with a load of nickelodeon "A" and "G" rolls to be transcribed to MIDI files.  One of his "A" rolls has no leader or title, thus none of the tune names are known.  We were able to figure out two of the tunes, but Mark would really like to find the names for the rest. It's a pretty good roll.  Mark was wondering if any of  the MMD readers can identify the unknown tunes and the roll number.

Axxxx01.mid  (35kb)
Axxxx02.mid  (24kb)  Tune #2 is "Don't Mind the Rain".  I happened to have that on another roll and recognized it.
Axxxx03.mid  (21kb) (Waltz)
Axxxx04.mid  (19kb) Robbie Rhodes says this is "Why Did I Kiss That Girl" from 1924.
Axxxx05.mid  (25kb)  George McClellan recognized tune #5 as "Your Lips Say No, But There's Yes, Yes In Your Eyes".
Axxxx06.mid  (21kb)
Axxxx07.mid  (22kb)
Axxxx08.mid  (17kb) (Waltz)
Axxxx09.mid  (23kb)
Axxxx10.mid  (24kb)

Lee Roan
24 May 1999

reply by Frank Himpsl (990525 MMDigest)

I've checked and believe to have found the identity of the unknown A-roll which Mark Forer described in 990524 MMDigest.   The roll is Clark #466, "Radio's Bright Flashes."  The line-up follows:

 Clark No. 466   "Radio's Bright Flashes"

 1.  After The Storm
 2.  Don't Mind The Rain
 3.  Land Of My Sunset Dreams (waltz)
 4.  Why Did I Kiss That Girl?
 5.  There's Yes! Yes! In Your Eyes
 6.  You Can Take Me Away From Dixie
 7.  Toodle-Oo
 8.  Adoration Waltz
 9.  I'm All Broken Up Over You
10.  Never Again

Tune #1 could possibly be the QRS arrangement by Charley Straight, #2 the Arden & Kortlander, #4 the Kortlander arr., #6 Sid Laney (Cook), #7 Herbert Clair.  These I remember offhand, the others can easily be checked via reference to the Billings QRS rollography.

With a roll of this comparatively early vintage for Clark, it's a mistake to assume the use of QRS masters without auditioning the roll.  The Clark staff turned out a great deal of superb arrangements, and certainly by the approximate date of this roll (circa 1923-4) the odds are just as good of finding a Clark master as a QRS.   The difference is always like night and day in the comparisons I've come across.

All Best,
Frank Himpsl
Tue, 25 May 1999 01:47:03 EDT