Music Rolls for Halloween
courtesy Stephen Kent Goodman (031023 MMDigest)

We recorded MP3 files of three piano rolls, perfect for Halloween, played on our Wheelock Themodist player piano.  Hope they inspire all of you to get out those spooky and haunting rolls for Halloween and give the kids in your neighborhood a real treat!  The piano rolls are

  "My Spooky Girl", Uni-record Melody Roll 202757
  "Haunting Rag", Angelus 90684
  "Spookville Chimes", Eighty-Eight Note 24803

This too is a perfect chance to play all the Seeburg MSR rolls (Mortuary Service Roll) you've been wondering what to do with!

Happy Halloween and enjoy,

Stephen and Kelly Goodman
23 Oct 2003 11:20:04 -0700

MP3 audio files:
 goodman_MySpookyGirl.mp3 (2,100 kb) plays 1:47
 goodman_HauntingRag.mp3 (2,656 kb) plays 2:15
 goodman_SpookvilleChimes.mp3 (2,602 kb) plays 2:13

23 October 2003