Mozart "Marcia a la turka" - MIDI for 20er Organ
contributed by Ingmar Krause (030908 MMDigest)

Hello once again!  Good old Mozart -- he never let me down so far!  As another thing on the list of things that I always wanted to do but never did, I can now cross out the arrangement of "Marcia a la turka" by W.A. Mozart, for 20-keyless!

Because I mentioned this as one of the pieces that I personally always thought to be "impossible" for the 20er-scale, and as courtesy to my future customers so that they might hear how music by Ingmar Krause actually sounds, I sent the MIDI-file to Robbie for inclusion into the depths of the MMD Archive.  Good ol' Mozart is long gone, so I doubt any copyright problems will occur with that.

I actually was very surprised how smoothly and quickly, and with so less problems and instead a lot of fun, this arrangement went along.  Three cheers to Carl Frei, who once again got proven his 20-note scale to be just right!

Of course: To all those who are not gonna sneak off and punch this arrangement themselves, you can order the roll from me (US$50 plus S/H).

greetings by(e) InK - Ingmar Krause
Victoria, BC, Canada
InK modern arrangements
08 Sep 2003 04:30:20 -0700

krause_rondo.mid (18 kb MIDI file)

08 September 2003