Religious Music Played on Carousel Organ
by Andy LaTorre (061019 MMDigest)

A few years back I was well into arranging tunes for my MIDI-controlled fairground organ.  A few of the tunes I arranged and programmed were religious.  The organ was used in a local event during the Christmas season and I had an hour's worth of holiday songs.

One of the songs was the Duette from the Bach Cantata number 78.  This is a delightful piece, lively and so harmonious.  I will send the MIDI file, cantata78.mid, for posting on the MMD site.  I have no problems with anyone using it for their organs.

Photos of the MIDI-controlled fairground organ and the automatic glockenspiel can be found at our web site,

Andy LaTorre
19 Oct 2006 08:48:52 -0400

MIDI file: cantata78.mid (46 kb)

19 October 2006