20er Arrangement of "Over The Waves"
 by Christofer Noering (021115 MMDigest)

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Hello!  There certainly are some tricks of the arranging trade,  especially when it comes to lesser-keyed scales -- the 20er perhaps being the most wide-spread one.

Harald Mueller mentioned some standard tricks such as "omitting the missing note," "using the other notes in the chord," "octave jumping," and "using the nearest natural note."

Now, Harald, I would treat the first bars of "Sobre las Olas" (as it is called in its native Spanish) differently.  To be frank, "using the nearest natural note" sounds bad.

There's a trick which I would like to call "diverting the listener's attention", and with a famous piece such as "Over The Waves", the listener's mind will automatically put in that missing note in its proper place!

Please refer to the attached MIDI file which I hope that Robbie will put on the "Sounds" page!

Best regards
Christofer Noering
16 Nov 2002 00:06:09 +0100

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16 November 2002