Fair Organ Pipe Sounds
by Hans van Oost (980108 & 980109 MMD)

Making a virtual organ is really fun.  I myself use a virtual fair organ, German style, for several years already.  Playing back a self-made arrangement gives a really good impression this way.  For this purpose I use some samples (violin, accompaniment, cello, forte mixture, trumpet etc.) that I load into a Turtle Beach Tropez sound card.  For Robbie (and others, if they like) I have included the wav-files I use.  The files are not specific for Turtle Beach sound cards; they are just looped wav-files (you can play them on any wave-player under Windows).

The later models of Sound Blaster AWE 32 have an opportunity to add extra memory chips to the card.  With a piece of software (I don't know what to use for Sound Blaster) you can replace one or more of the standard sounds with the "wav"-files.  I replaced mainly the guitars of my sound card, but that is just my own choice.  I added loops to the files, so if you play them on a sound card, the note will begin with the specific starting sound of the organ pipe.  After that, it will repeat the sound inside the loop till the note ends.

The starting sound of an instrument makes it recognizable to the listener, more than the sound of the instrument itself!

Hans van Oost, Holland
Thu, 08 Jan 1998 22:29:10 +0000

accomp.wav (42 kb)
ged8_4.wav (44 kb)
gedekt.wav (30 kb)
trompet.wav (58 kb)
viool.wav (49 kb)

08 January 1998, 16 August 2000