"Reine Des Coeurs (Queen of Hearts)" by Waldteufel
MIDI file by Andy LaTorre (000417 MMD)

In the back of Eric V. Cockayne's book, "The Fairground Organ", is a transcription of a tune that was on an 87-key Gavioli barrel organ.  Several years ago I was very curious about the tune and wanted to learn more about arranging, so I keyed it into my MasterTracks program.  I did not add any ornamentation so the arrangement is just as it is laid out in the score.

The tune is called, "Reine Des Coeurs - Waltz", by Emil Waldteufel.  I have the MIDI file and would be glad to email it to anyone desiring it.  If Robbie wants to place it in the archives, then I would be glad to send it to him.

Andy LaTorre
Mon, 17 Apr 2000 10:52:36 -0400

reine1.mid (30 kb)