"The Highwayman Waltzes", by De Koven
by Terry Smythe (040312 MMDigest)

As I continue with this great roll scanning adventure, my latest initiative is to adapt my 88-note scanner to accept 58-note player organ rolls.  This is kinda interesting because the rolls ordinarily flow from bottom to top and rotate reverse to 88-note rolls.

The single sample roll scanned so far is a Wilcox & White "Symphony" roll No. 3248, "The Highwayman Waltzes", by De Koven.  The resulting MIDI file, in Midi Type 1, is attached.

Where I need some help is in determining the scale of this roll.  I would appreciate it if somebody could provide this specification.  None of my references contain this info.  The scale of this particular MIDI file emerges from the 65-note scale, which is likely incorrect for 58-note rolls.

I'm assuming that all 58-note player organ rolls adhere to a single scale specification.  Is this a reasonable supposition?  Reason for this is that 58-note Orchestrelle rolls will soon be included within this batch, and I do not have the scale specs for this instrument either.


Terry Smythe
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
11 Mar 2004 22:52:10 -0600

Play MIDI file The Highwayman Waltzes.mid (29 kb)

16 March 2004