Unknown Rag Song on U. S. Music Roll
by John Taber (070421 MMDigest)

Among several no-name piano rolls in my collection, this one sounds like a slow rag.  I can only make out the ink stamp on the leader as an early U. S. Music Roll with the big 88 on the top.  I found the number 118 only at the end of the roll.  Attached is a tape recording of it.  Does anyone have a clue to the title?

Thanks, John Taber from Connecticut
pianmn199@comcast.net.geentroep [delete ".geentroep" to reply]
21 Apr 2007 19:29:44 -0400

P.S.: There are about 500 tape recorded rolls I've had on the web since the free Napster days.  They are on Shareaza now under Pianola, Ampico, Welte, Duo Art.

Unknown tune: taber01.mp3 (2,773 kb)

22 April 2007