Unknown Song on Wilcox & White "Symphonia" Organette Roll
by John Wolff (040719 MMDigest)

I would be most grateful if someone could help put a name to the tune (or tunes) in the MIDI file attached.  It's a rather graceful dance roll in 4/4 time, which plays for a bit over 4 minutes.  The original is from an un-labelled 20-note roll for the Wilcox & White "Symphonia" organette, so it probably dates from the 1880s or '90s.

The MIDI file was scanned directly from the roll.  I would be grateful to know the name of the tune and the type of dance, and I would be delighted if someone could tell me the original roll number in either the Wilcox & White or the Mechanical Orguinette (Aeolian) catalog.

Many thanks,
John Wolff.
Melbourne, Australia
wolff@vicnet.net.au.geentroep [delete ".geentroep" to reply]
Date: Sun, 18 Jul 2004 23:32:03 -0700

wolff_unknown.mid (12 kb)

18 July 2004