"Roosevelt" Type Font for Aeolian Organs
by Robbie Rhodes (021102 MMDigest)

Richard Vance wrote in 021031 MMDigest about a computer font (typeface) suitable for replicating the lettering on Aeolian pipe organ nameplates, etc.  Here is an example of its appearance.

roosevelt_np30a.jpg (6 kb)This is a photo of the replica nameplate created by Richard Vance for his article at  http://www.mmdigest.com/Tech/Cellu/index.html

roosevelt2.gif (3 kb)This image was created using MS-Paint and the Roosevelt type face at 72 point size.  Then, using Adobe Photo Deluxe, the BMP image was reduced to 25% and saved as a GIF image file of 8 colors (8 shades of gray).

The Roosevelt font is freeware, available for both Windows and Macintosh computers, at   http://www.haroldsfonts.com/  and http://members.aol.com/fontner/roosevelt.html

Creator Harold Lohner says:

My version of ROOSEVELT began with a request by Rob Case for the font once used on Aeolian pianos and organs.  I drew the letters from analog examples, regularizing and filling out the set.  Subsequently another correspondent, Richard Vance, told me the history of the design (at right) and showed me more examples of the original font in action, prompting the revised version which now includes small caps and a more conventional T. (The curvy one is now located at | and \.)

According to Rollin Smith's "The Aeolian Pipe Organ and its Music", the font was originally designed for the Roosevelt Organ Company. Later that firm was absorbed by Farrand & Votey in 1893, which in turn was merged into The Aeolian Company.  But Aeolian kept using the Roosevelt font, because it was so elegant. The name comes from Hilborne L. Roosevelt and his brother Frank Roosevelt, famous organ builders, not Theodore, their first cousin.

Robbie Rhodes
02 Nov 2002 15:29:06 -0800

roosevelt1.gif ( 7kb)
Harold Lohner's Roosevelt type face at 72 point size

03 November 2002