Hupfeld DEA Reproducing Piano

This beautiful Pleyel DEA upright piano is owned by Gerard Larrousse of Paris.  It was built in 1912, Pleyela serial No.154958.  The DEA player mechanism was made by Hupfeld in Leipzig-Ehrenberg, Germany.

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A technical article that compares the DEA and Welte-Mignon reproducing piano systems, entitled "Welte-Mignon und Hupfeld DEA -- Zwei Reproduktionssysteme in Konkurrenz", by Hans-W. Schmitz, was published in Das Mechanische Musikinstrument, 7. Jahrgang, Nr. 19, März 1981.  A copy of this journal (DMM  Nr. 19) is available for € 16,36 plus postage from GSM (Gesellschaft für Selbstspielende Musikinstrumente e.V).  Contact

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