Making Wurlitzer Unit Valves
by Bob Humes (070217 MMDigest)

humes_UnitValve.jpg (8 kb)

A few weeks ago Don Teach mentioned a series of articles I wrote on the construction of the Wurlitzer unit valve that are posted on the Yahoo Wurlitzer 105 Group site,  From the emails I have received as a result of Don's posting, the articles seem to have a wider interest.  As a result I have submitted these articles for posting on the MMD Archives site for those who are interested.

Bob Humes
17 Feb 2007 17:26:30 EST

humes_UnitValve1.pdf  (503 kb)
humes_UnitValve2.pdf  (458 kb)
humes_UnitValve3.pdf  (360 kb)

18 February 2007