Magnet Valves
for player pianos and organs
drawings by Richard Vance and Horst Mohr
photos courtesy Ed Gaida & Robbie Rhodes

mvAeolian01.gif (9 kb)mvAeolian02.gif (8 kb)

mvReisner01.gif (8 kb)

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mvTenten.gif (4 kb)
Magnet valve for Ampico reproducing piano built by Walter Tenten, utilizing an
inexpensive ($2) 12-volt automobile relay designed for printed circuit board mounting.

mvTenten1.jpg (23 kb)
The brass nozzle (with leather valve facing) is clamped to the printed cicuit card
so that it can be adjusted to align with the relay armature.

mvReisner03.jpg (20 kb)
Chest magnet valve (OSI-Reisner HE, 90 ohms)
Width 5 cm, depth 2 cm, height of magnet above mounting
surface 5 cm, total height 7 cm.  The version for player piano
has a tube inserted into the magnet cap (the knurled aluminum
piece at the bottom) which extends down 13 mm (0.5 inch).
Weight 48 grams (1.71 ounce).

mvReisner05.jpg (22 kb)
Reisner magnet-operated pouch valve for organ pipe chest.  A small spring inside
the pouch holds the felt pad to the hole below the pipe.  The pouch collapses into the
"clam shell" when the magnet valve opens and exhausts the pouch chamber to atmosphere.
This type of magnet valve operates faster than the direct action magnet valve (below).
Weight 118 grams (4.21 ounces).

mvReisner04.jpg (20 kb)
Chest magnet valve for suction (OSI catalog)

mvKilgen01.jpg (31 kb)
Magnet valve from Kilgen organ

mvKilgen02.jpg (26 kb)
Magnet valve from Kilgen organ

mvDirect01.jpg (19 kb)
Direct action magnet valve (OSI-Reisner 5528.12, 90 ohms)
Width 6 cm, height 4.5 cm, depth 1.6 cm
The pad diameter shown is 22.2 mm (0.875 inch).
Weight 51 grams (1.82 ounce).

mvWicks02.jpg (25 kb)
Direct action magnet valve by Wicks, differing from the Reisner design
in the return spring arrangement.

mvdReijden1.jpg (46 kb)
Willy van der Reijden uses surplus 24-volt relays to pull the
valves of his MIDI-controlled Frati-Hymnia orchestrion.

13 March 2002, 24 June 2002, 17 October 2005