Mignon 22-note Reed Organette
text & drawings by Hans van Oost

mignon22organette.jpg (66kb)Re Angelo Rulli's request in 000108 MMDigest.  According to Bowers' Encyclopedia, page 766, there were at least four types of Mignon organs: 22 notes/22 reeds, 22 notes/44 reeds (the most popular model), 32 notes/64 reeds, and the "Harmonieux" model with 40 notes and 120 reeds, so there is one model with a greater compass than the 32-note type.

Technically, all the models were the same, and the spacing of the notes was identical.  I have included a drawing of the 22-note model.  Early models had small bellows as pneumatics; the later models (from 1904) had a pneumatic system with membranes.  Music can still be ordered: Mr. van der Vlugt, in Tilburg, Netherlands, still makes the music rolls.  He has no e-mail, but I can forward messages to him.

Regards from Holland,

Hans van Oost
Sun, 09 Jan 2000 13:26:22 +0100

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master drawing, 5 views:
  mignon22organette.gif (134kb)

  mignon22organetteTop.gif (25kb)
  mignon22organetteRear.gif (25kb)
  mignon22organetteFront.gif (25kb)
  mignon22organetteLeft.gif (21kb)
  mignon22organetteRight.gif (20kb)

10 January 2000