Pratt-Reed Spoolbox & Transmission
illustration courtesy John A. Tuttle (021024 MMDigest)

Hi All,  I'm writing this letter in response to a request for help.  A gentleman has a Pratt-Reed player action that is missing some parts in the transmission (Brand Co.)  The parts are related to the built-in mechanical tracker.  Since he has been unable to explain to me exactly which parts are missing, I thought I'd put out an APB ('All Points Bulletin') for the whole transmission.

For those who might not remember what the device looks like, I sent a picture to Robbie to put in the MMD Technical Section.  The picture also contains information about how the Automatic Tracking Device operates.

If anyone has one of these transmissions that they can part with, please contact me at <>.

Thank you,

John A. Tuttle
Brick, NJ, USA
24 Oct 2002 17:17:28 -0400

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