Piano Roll Graph Paper
by J. B. Roth (000718 MMD)

rothPRgraphPaper.gif (11 kb)

This is my piano roll graph paper.  It's configured for 88-note
players.  It's 11-1/4 inches wide.  It has indications for treble
and bass Themodist (snake bite) holes, and sustainer pedal as well.
The note holes are nine-to-the-inch (across) and 1/8-inch apart
(lengthwise) for sure repetition with trills.

It's perhaps slightly heavier than the piano roll paper used nowadays
by QRS and others, and it cuts very nicely with a sharp blade.  The
printing is very precise.

Price is $4.50 for 30 feet of paper, or $12.00 for 100 feet, without
spool, plus a modest shipping and handling charge.  For more
information contact J. B. Roth <sovrenty@earthlink.net>

High resolution TIF image (287 kb)

19 July 2000